Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Tofusky Redoubt

Ready to repel the minions of Bonaparte and hurl them from Sacred Russian soil!

Yes, it looks odd to see horse artillery manning fieldworks, but needs must as I haven't started on foot artillery yet.  

I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out.  A far cry from the plastic tofu tubs I rescued from being tossed out into the garbage. 

It took some time and a major repair job after some serious warping, but I was able to repair it so that there is minimum evidence of any distortion at all now. 

Thin layers of papier-mache, clamping the whole thing down to the workbench while it dried thoroughly, and lots of patience did the trick.

You can see how the project developed here.

All ready in good time for next Sunday's game.  It may end up being manned by French artillery, though, depending on the balance of forces available.


David Dormvik said...

That is a really impressive piece of terrain. Mind if I build an exact replica? It's the ultimate form of flattery! ;)

Robert said...

Of course, Making terrain can be a lot of fun- but makes for a lot of mess and cleaning up!

If you manage to avoid the same mistakes I did, you should be able to put it together in half the time it took me.

paulalba said...

Your Tofusky redoubt is really stunning Robert.
I'm particularly impressed with the interior shading of the wood. I think I will have to try and do something similar for our future battles in 2012! My brother is the terrain boffin in our group so I will have to find some way to persuade him.

Funny think is I picked up a handful of the little baskets filled with rubble in a 15mm job lot off ebay and had no idea what to use them for so you have solved a little problem there!

The Belgian, said...

Nice redoubt! Impressing paintjob!

Schrumpfkopf said...

Now thats's lovely, exactly yhe kind of scenic feature i dream off owning.

Shame you guys are on the other end of the world really.

Baconfat said...

I hate tofu, but if they lead to terrain that looks anywhere this incredible, I can learn to eat it.