Saturday, 16 August 2008

Mother Russia is waiting...

A Jager anxious to poke some holes into some convenient Frenchman.

Recently I've been working steadily on my French army; but the Russians, while on the back-burner, have certainly not been forgotten.

As with Jean Crapaud and his chums, I have decided to go the two-rank deep basing method as per General de Brigade rules. As many of my Russians are in advancing pose with levelled musket (see photo above), this means I have been cleaning the flash from some figures advancing at the port arms position that will make up the second rank.

The new basing system can be seen
here. There will be about seven figures to a company, each stand having a 60mm frontage and a depth of 50mm. This is a little deeper than my French battalions which are 45mm deep. The Front Rank Russians are a little "bulkier" and need the extra space. Doesn't make any difference to game play- the depths are grossly out of scale as it is!

Note that the elite company will be split into two platoons, with the tirailleur platoon on the left, and the grenadier platoon (carabinier for jagers) platoon on the right flank of the regiment. This rather nicely places the flags in the centre of the unit when in line.

Once I finished the targets I set myself for August, the next step will include Russian infantry- a battalion of line and one of jagers most likely.