Monday, 25 February 2008

A new look & some improvements

Russian Drum Major-(after Viskovatov)

It has been an age since I last posted, but I have been distracted by other projects. It seems I really do have the attention span of a moth suffering from Alzheimer's.

Anyway, I have been tuning up my blog, now that I have learned how to produce decent headers and to link music files.  The result can be seen here.

Musically speaking, Here are three marches now using MP3 format so you should be able to just press the button and have the martial splendours of St. Petersburg waft through your speakers.

"The Fall of Paris" was actually a parody of the French Revolutionary song, "Ca Ira".

This one is from the movie "Gettysburg", but it was originally written to celebrate the victory of the Allies as they overthrew Napoleon's regime in 1814.

The famous
Preobrazhenskoi Guard Regimental March. is rather special for me, as it was also the slow march of my father's old regiment, the Royal Marines.

March of the Semionovskoi Guard Regiment is one of my favourites- it just has that stately cadence which I have always imagined Russian soldiers would be goose-stepping to.