Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lieven on "Russia & Napoleon"

One of the most interesting books I've read recently was Lieven's Russia Against Napoleon, and I was thrilled to see in von Peter's blog that there was a podcast available from the London School of Economics of a lecture given by Professor Lieven himself on the subject: "The Tsar Liberates Europe".

On thing I like is the fact that he addresses the paradox of 1812 being the celebrated campaign in Russia, when it was the 1813-14 campaign where they really made an impact.

This is great stuff to listen to while commuting or at the gym.  As Abraham Lincoln said, "People who like this kind of thing will find it the kind of thing they like".

Thoroughly recommended, and thanks to Peter in New Zealand to bringing it to our attention.

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von Peter himself said...

Hello Robert

I'm glad to have been of assistance. I enjoyed the podcast but still have not yet obtained Lieven's Russia Against Napoleon. I'm beginning to think that it could well be the founding item on my 2010 Christmas wish list for Father Christmas.

von Peter himself