Saturday, 20 February 2010

Time to curl up in an armchair with a glass of vodka!

I haven't had much to read in the way of the Russian army in the Napoleonic Wars since I got my copy of Alexander Mikaberidze's The Battle of Borodino a year or so ago, so I have been long overdue for some literary inspiration.

Well, my friend Kris in Frankfurt has remedied that by sending me a copy of Dominic Lieven's Russia Against Napoleon: The Battle for Europe 1807-1814.

This looks like being a terrific read, and along with the copy of the Black Powder rules that Kris also sent me, it should keep my feet planted firmly in the early 19th C. for a while!

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paulalba said...

Hi Robert,
I have been looking forward to seeing your Russian army develope. Glad to hear you are getting help with the painting. I have just started a Russian army of my own (15mm) and have been posting pictures on my blog, feel free to pop by and take a look. Hope to see some glorious Russians on your blog soon.
Best regards
Paul P