Sunday, 31 January 2010

Help on the way...

It became obvious to me long ago that my painting output is nowhere even close to what I want to achieve.  My productivity has been increasing, but not nearly as much as it needs to if I am to make so much as a dent in my embarassingly high Napoleonic lead pile.  

While my French are making progress, I keep looking over my shoulder not only at my reproachful Russkis, but also at a number of other projects, all crying out for my attention.

Therefore, I have decided that it has become high time to hire some mercenary brushwork.  After an exchange of emails, I have decided to outsource a brigade to Roger (RTB), whose work on some Bavarians for Iannick (aka Archiduc Charles) has really impressed me.  

Roger is a fine painter who is proving to be very professional in his approach to the business of figure painting.  

I have been selecting the figures I want him to paint, and currently I am busy removing the flash prior to sending them to him.  I'll be basing them and adding the flags, but he will be doing all the painting.

This will not be a cheap undertaking, but Roger knows his backpack from a bricole, and quality is important to me.  So it is well worth the money if it means that by Autumn or so I will have at least a critical mass of the Russians done at last.  Knowing that makes the challenge of painting more myself less daunting!

The lucky battalions to be selected for an appointment with Roger's talented fingers are part of the 15th Division; Col. Tern's brigade of :
  • The 1st and 3rd Battalion of the Regiment Kourinski
  • The 1st Battalion of the Regiment Kolyvanskoi
  • and the 12th Jager Regiment.
Four battalions in total; they will be making an appearance in this blog a battalion at a time, but I do believe it will be a collection to be proud of, if Roger's work as seen on his blog is anything to go by.

In the meantime I will be working not only on my French, but also on a battalion of the Kozlovski regiment, some Cossacks, and on some artillery.    

And what is a little financial sacrifice if it is for the cause of Mother Russia?!

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von Peter himself said...

Howdies Robert

A good call. But I would say that having come to the same decision for the same reasons with the same army myself. My 1813 Russians were painted for me by Da Great Gueeg to an ok! (I hope he reads this!!) standard. Alright, a high standard.

Much better than having an army languish with an uncertain fate.

I look forward to seeing them unveiled over the web.

von Peter himself