Saturday, 25 September 2010

I wish...

Front Rank would do Napoleonic Russian cavalry wearing greatcoats.   

I was looking at the picture of the Crimean War Russian cavalry in the Black Powder rule book, and found myself thinking that they would be a lot faster to paint, and indeed look rather natty.

But I do like the dark green jackets.  Here's the licorne almost finished.  This picture gives a much better impression of the shade of green I'm using for the uniform.

Just the ironwork on the gun left to do now (ugh!),  and then the base once the glue has completely dried.


paulalba said...

Superb Robert,
Great to see it nearing completion.

I just posted a couple of pictures of my own Russian horse battery that as luck would have it I was finishing off at the same time as you! (only in 15mm :-)

They are at the bottom of the page:

Keep up the great work!

Docsmith said...

Nice work Robert - the Russian Horse Artillery are my favourite Front Rank set. I only wish they made the limbers etc to go with them. I scrounged mine from an Old Glory set and adapted one of the artillerymen as the horse-holder, fortunately they matched in well in scale as the FR figures are big 28s (under the Horse Artillery label on my blog).

Yours are coming along very nicely indeed - look forward to seeing the battery finished.