Saturday, 25 July 2009

Streifkorps Mussinpuschkin- order of battle

Major The Count Mussinpuschkin

The Streifkorps Mussinpuschkin was created by order of Marshal Blucher to Count Langeron, and was to cooperate with the Freikorps von Pfaffenhofen in reconnoitring the French rear areas, attacking convoys and other targets of opportunity, and generally to tie down forces which would otherwise be used against the Army of Silesia.

General Olsuviev was given instructions to detach the following forces for service under Major Mussinpuschkin, who had demonstrated a flair for independent action during the engagements along the Katzbach:

2 squadrons,
Kinburn Dragoon Regt.
(12 figures)

Sotnias, Ukrainian Cossacks
(12 figures)

Tirailleur companies, 1/22 and 3/22nd Jaeger Regiments (8 figures)

1/12th Jaeger Regt.
(32 figures)

1 bttn. Kolyvanskoi Infantry Regt.
(32 figures)

10 pdr. Licorne section,
Horse Battery #8
(1 gun)

This is a really small force- but doesn't seem too daunting to paint, and will allow me a quick game!

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